Age, height, weight class, fight record and social media


One of the biggest legends in the world of professional fighting, Anderson Silva, will be a luxury sinodal for Youtuber Jake Paul. Learn more about The Problem Child’s boxing opponent for October 29.

Anderson Silva, fighter
© Eric Espada/Getty ImagesAnderson Silva, fighter

Jacques-Paulto pass from the status of simple showman to boxing to a real fighter made him face perhaps the biggest challenge of his career in the ring so far: his next fight will be with a legendary fighter anderson the spider Silva.

After his fight against Hasim Rahman Jr.. scheduled for August 6 was canceled a week before it was supposed to take place, Jake Paul moved quickly to book his next boxing match, and that’s how he has already agreed to fight Anderson Silva on October 29 at the Gila River Arena in Phoenix, Arizona.

What’s curious is that even though his fighting legacy was built in the world of mixed martial artswhere he was one of the best representatives in the history of the cfuin boxing, he has already faced and defeated a world champion, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., which Jake Paul has yet to do.

How old is Anderson Silva?

A true physical prodigy is Anderson Silva. Born in Brazil, he had a tough life that made him strong from childhood. Thus, being born on April 14, 1975, he currently has a magnificent physical form and continues to compete in the elite of the world of fighting, MMA or boxing, at 47 years.

How tall is Anderson Silva?

Silva is a tall guy in stature. His next opponent, Youtuber Jake Paul, is 1.85 meters / 6.1 feet, and is surpassed by the height of the Brazilian who stands at 6’2″ or 1.88 meters. This allows him to have a long reach with his long arms.

What is Anderson’s Silva weight class?

Due to Anderson Silva’s height, it is impossible for him to fight in the smaller weight classes. During his UFC fighting career, he competed in Average weight, that is to say between 171 and 185 pounds. In his fights as a professional boxer, he fought at Light Heavyweight (175 lbs) and Cruiserweight (under 200 lbs). It is in this last category that Jake Paul made his boxing career and in which will surely be his fight on October 29th.

What is Anderson Silva’s fight record?

Anderson Silva’s brilliant career in the fighting world is divided in two: his golden step as a mixed martial arts fighter, mainly in the UFC where he holds the record for the longest championship in the history of the company with 2457 days of duration, and his still discreet boxing career. His record in MMA: 46 fights, 34 wins and 11 losses. His boxing record: 4 fights, 3 wins, 1 defeat (2 KOS).

What are Anderson Silva’s social media profiles?

Perhaps none of the 5 opponents Jake Paul has faced as a professional boxer so far has been able to compete with him not just in the ring but in the social media arena like Anderson Silva does. . The Spider has a large base of followers: on Twitter he has 7 million subscribers (surpassing Jake Paul’s 4), and on instagram he has 4.5 million (well below Paul’s 20.6).

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