Chris Hemsworth Reveals His ‘Brutal’ Thor 4 Training Schedule

Every Marvel and DC superhero has qualities that make them unique, but the one thing almost every character has in common is a godlike physique. When it comes to comic book movie adaptations, that naturally requires the actors to get in shape through an extensive training regimen, both in terms of achieving the coveted six-pack and building a quantity extreme muscle.

Over the years, some actors have come to make their impressive physique an integral part of their appeal and individually. So it’s no surprise that nearly all of these stars have taken on superhero roles over the years, like John Cena, Dwayne Johnson, and Henry Cavill.

One of those actors is Chris Hemsworth, who literally has to look like a Norse god for his role as Thor in the MCU. Having recently put on a big costume to play Avengers: Endgameis shattered God of Thunder, Hemsworth will return bigger and fitter than ever to Thor: Love and Thunderand the Australian star just discussed how he managed to do it.

How Did Chris Hemsworth Get Caught For Thor 4?


In an interview with Disney, Thor: Love and Thunder Star Chris Hemsworth has opened up about the brutal training regimen that got him so excited for his latest Marvel role.

Hemsworth revealed the target weight to achieve for love and thunder has been “far above where [he’d] been before.” The actor called the process a “really fun exploration” as they experimented with different exercises and calorie adjustments to bring it up to the right level and “hold it for four months:”

“It was especially tough because the target weight we were aiming for was way above what I had been before. It was probably the biggest and fittest I’ve ever been. We had 12 months where I was at home, just training and puppeteering the body and manipulation. We were trying more swimming, then trying more martial arts, and adjusting the calories. It was a really fun exploration. I got really big and fit, but I just had to hold it for four months, which was really tough.”

The Aussie icon also sat down with extratv to discuss her role in spider head and was asked if he was able to take a break from training for the Netflix role as he remains fully clothed throughout. Hemsworth explained that was not the case as he was preparing for love and thunder at the time, that’s why “[grows] through [Spiderhead] a little :”

“No, because I was training for…I mean it was good not to take my shirt off, yeah. No, I didn’t have to relax because I was about to shoot Thor: Love and Thunder, like a month after this said wraps. So you can’t really notice it, but I grow a little bit throughout the movie. And the costumes started to fill out a bit, which I was wearing.”

When asked if he sees himself going back to his intense training schedule at any time, the actor shared his love for exercise, but described preparing to play Thor as “brutal on [his] body:”

“Soon, soon. No, look, I like to work out, I do it. It’s become a hobby now, it allows me to live a full life and play with my children, surf and doing all kinds of things. So it was a chore at one point, and now it’s becoming addictive, I love it, I love it. I don’t necessarily like training to be Thor-sized, it’s brutal on my body, and just the amount of food etc.”

Did Chris Hemsworth just tease his end as Thor?

All Thor: Love and Thunder revealed so far that Chris Hemsworth’s God of Thunder is the greatest it’s ever been for the sequel. Obviously, this stems from a lot of hard work on the part of the actor himself, but also on the part of Thor, who will see an intense transformation from his overweight at the start of the film.

For an actor with Hemsworth’s amount of muscle and weightlifting experience, it becomes progressively more difficult to achieve significant gains, especially in a short period of time. This naturally led to a lot of experimentation by Hemsworth’s team to achieve those lofty weight goals set by Marvel Studios or director Taika Waititi.

What’s particularly interesting about Hemsworth’s latest comments is his tease that he’ll be quitting his intense diet “soon”. Maybe the actor was exaggerating how soon that day would come, or maybe Hemsworth is looking to put his Thor days behind him; after all, training and dietary requirements will put a strain on his body.

For the moment, there are no signs indicating love and thunder will be Hemsworth’s final turn as Thor, but the future should become clear when the sequel hits theaters on July 8.

Kristen T. Prall