Dexter Jackson looks impressive in retirement and shares his workout

Dexter Jackson looks impressive during recent back training.

Dexter Jackson looks impressive in retirement as he shares epic back workout video. Jackson still appears in top form despite not being in active competition.

Dexter Jackson is a certifiable beast. Not only has he been one of the top bodybuilders for several decades, but Jackson is the winningest competitor in history. Winning several titles including the Arnold Classic and the Olympia, Jackson has distinguished himself from other bodybuilders with his many accomplishments in the game.

Then he retired from competition.

Sure, retirement is a foregone conclusion for all of us, but as far as Dexter Jackson was concerned, it just didn’t seem real. Time and time again, Jackson has rolled back time throughout his career beating top-flight competitors well into his 40s. He proved that age is indeed just a number. Whether it was genetics or making all the right moves, Jackson was able to remain a top competitor well into his fifties, a feat no one could ever have imagined.

But like every other athlete, Dexter Jackson eventually had to see the light and hang up on things. After all, you can’t compete at the highest levels of sport forever. Or can you? Once again, Jackson proves that with enough motivation, you can stay in incredible shape.

Dexter Jackson still pushes himself hard even in retirement. The veteran bodybuilder still trains hard and his recent back workout proves he can still compete with some of the best in bodybuilding.

Back Day baby!! Happy Monday people!!! 😊

Dexter Jackson is an absolute legend, there’s no doubt about it. Jackson pushed his body to the max and embraced the lifestyle of a bodybuilder even in retirement.

Do you think Dexter Jackson could still compete now?

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