Finale teases the possibility of a second installment

Most recent K-drama, Weak hero class 1tells the riveting history of systemic school bullying as a student fights back. Yeon Si-eun (Park Ji-hoon) is an academically gifted student. But when the class bullies push him too far, he snaps. Along the way to defend himself, he makes a few friends but finds himself caught up in a series of threats and violence. Weak hero class 1 finale has a tragic ending and teases the story is far from over.

[Warning: This article contains spoilers for Weak Hero Class 1.]

Park Ji-hoon and the main cast of K-drama ‘Weak Hero Class 1’ | by Wave

“Weak Hero Class 1” Lets Si-eun Make New Friends And Bullies

November’s K-Drama begins when Si-eun is fed up with his class bullies, despite repeatedly asking to stop. Her bully, Young-bin (Kim Su-gyeom), is fed up with her behavior. Young-bin sees an opportunity when a wealthy new student transfers to the school, Oh Beom-seok (Hong Kyung). During the mock exam, he blackmails Beom-seok into sticking a fentanyl patch on Si-eun’s neck.

Realizing what is happening, Si-eun feels coherent, shocking her classmates. When he gets a wrong answer on the mock exam, he breaks. He uses his academic knowledge to stick a pen in a bully’s hand and uses a textbook to beat Young-bin. Its display effectively scares away bullies and classmates. But this also angers Young-bin.

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Meanwhile, another student named An Soo-ho (Choi Hyun-wook) tries to befriend Si-eun. Soo-ho is a hard worker and likes to sleep, but is feared due to his immense martial arts skills. The catalyst of Weak hero class 1 That’s when Young-bin hires his local drug dealer to bully Si-eun for what he did to her and for speaking out about his fentanyl use.

Based on a webtoon, Weak hero class 1 Soon begins a dark and heartbreaking story of bullying and abuse. Feeling guilty for what he did to Si-eun, Beom-seok asks Soo-ho for help when Young-bin, the drug dealer, and his team plan to beat up Si-eun. After successfully rescuing Si-eun, the three characters become friends.

K-drama violence escalates as Beom-seok joins bullies

It’s heartwarming for fans to see Si-eun finally have friends to rely on. But Weak hero class 1 continues his dark path of violence when the boss of the drug dealer gets involved. Si-eun exposing Young-bin’s drug use put his business in jeopardy. In retaliation, he blackmails Si-eun and his friends into paying him off or getting badly beaten. As Beom-seok steals a watch to use as money to pay them back, Si-eun hatches a plan instead.

With the help of Young-yo (Lee Yeon), one of the drug squad members, he again has evidence of the boss’s illegal activity and plans to have the police raid the hideout. But their plan fails and they flee. Later, they corner them in an abandoned amusement park and get beaten up. But in the end, the police always arrest them all.” src=”” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; automatic reading; clipboard-write; encrypted media; gyroscope; picture in picture” allow full screen >

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Although it is a happy ending, the story gets worse. Si-eun, Soo-ho, and Young-yo become friends, and Beom-seok begins to feel left out. As Soo-ho helps Beom-seok defend himself against his former attackers, Beom-seok is furious that he stopped him from doing more damage. He cracks down one day feeling abandoned and joins the class bullies. Beom-seok soon embarks on a dark path of violence and alcohol.

In Weak hero class 1, Si-eun doesn’t know why Beom-seok left them and is worried. But Beom-seok has gone too far and wants revenge against Soo-ho. He hates that Soo-ho is better than him. Together with his new friends and acquaintances, he hatches a gruesome plan for revenge. The Weak hero class 1 final has fans in tears over its result.

“Weak Hero Class 1” finale has Soo-ho on the brink of death and Si-eun does it again

Beom-seok’s new relationships turn him into a ruthless fighter. At a birthday party for Soo-ho, Young-yo meets Beom-seok. He lies to her and tells her that he wants to fix his relationship with Soo-ho. Believing him, she arranges a meeting, but Si-eun reads the messages and goes there instead. He is defeated but Soo-ho’s guard. When Soo-ho learns the truth, he goes after Beom-seok, who in return hires the fighter.

Soo-ho fights the fighter in a live event. But Soo-ho is swept away, and the bullies and Beom-seok beat him horribly. A bully soon realizes that Soo-ho isn’t breathing. The son of a politician, Beom-seok is taken away by his father’s secretary and the others flee. They make up a lie about what happened to Soo-ho. But Soo-ho is not dead and is in a coma.

No longer able to handle his pain, Si-eun lashes out at the fighter and beats him mercilessly. He goes to school, grabs a fire extinguisher and beats up the other bullies. But seeing Beom-seok as his friend, he is unable to harm him. In the Weak hero class 1 finale, Beom-seok faces no consequences. But her father insists that Si-eun is not accepted in any other school in Seoul. At her new school, Si-eun is once again in a cycle of ruthless bullying.

But the K-drama finale has an extra scene that teases a Weak hero class 1 Season 2. Fans see a man’s tattooed hand as they hear someone else asking what they should do. Could it be the big boss of the drug trafficker? Si-eun might face danger again.

Weak hero class 1 is available on Viki.

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