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Georges St-Pierre is considered one of the best mixed martial artists of all time. However, in addition to being an extremely talented fighter, St-Pierre is still renowned for his physical fitness. Although he has retired from mixed martial arts, Georges St-Pierre continues to maintain his signature ripped physique by training rigorously and investing a lot of time in it. In a recent show of strength he posted on Instagram, GSP shared the challenge of the week with his fans. He advised them to try the hanging exercise he uses to prepare for the one-arm pull-up.

As a pioneer in Canadian MMA, St-Pierre broke through the traditional boundaries of a fighter at the time. He was lucky enough to be on the big screen and landed a role in the 2014 Marvel comic book movie, Captain America: The Winter Soldier. During his competitive days as a professional, he conquered the welterweight division (155-170 pounds) of the UFC and announced he would retire from the sport after nine title defenses.

Having left the octagon without a proper retirement, St-Pierre said he would return after a four-year hiatus for a weight increase to challenge the former UFC middleweight champion (from 170 to 185 pounds) , Michael Bisping.

Although St-Pierre didn’t fight in between, he was consistent with his training and remained determined to maintain his fitness level. The results showed GSP defeated Bisping in his comeback and won a second weight class title in the promotion. St-Pierre had signed a contract to continue competing, but opted to hang up the gloves due to a series of serious health issues. He was eventually inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame in 2020.

Georges St-Pierre shares a suspension exercise to prepare for a one-arm pull-up

In an Instagram post, St-Pierre recommended that his followers try doing the dead hang exercise for 30 seconds as a challenge of the week. He revealed that he used the exercise to practice performing the one-arm pull-up.

“Okay guys, challenge of the week. You know I’m working on doing a one arm pull up and one of the basic exercises to do before you can do a one arm pull up is a dead hang for 30 seconds without letting yourself turn. Always face the same direction.

Georges St-Pierre regularly gives an overview of his training methods. He uploads instructional videos of himself performing various types of exercises and workouts while explaining proper technique on social media.

Last month, GSP challenged his fans to perform the deep squat as he demonstrated the move. He even shared some steps for those who might need to prepare for the exercise.

Kristen T. Prall