Jack Hermansson plans to switch weight classes if he becomes middleweight champion

Jack Hermansson showed up in his fight against Chris Curtis to beat the American via unanimous decision at UFC London. His post-fight press conference had him already looking forward to continuing in the same stride until he reached the top of the middleweight division.

Hermansson was due to face England’s Darren Till in front of a hostile London crowd. However, the fight did not materialize for the second time, as Till pulled out due to an undisclosed injury and was replaced by an in-form Chris Curtis.

Asked by Sportskeeda MMA‘s Tim Wheaton if he was interested in changing weight classes or if he would still call the middleweight division home, ‘The Joker’ replied:

“If I were to be so lucky to top all middleweight and become the champion, then that might be an option. [switching weight classes]. Until then I will stay in [the] average weight [division].”

He stated that only if he wins the middleweight championship and dominates the rest of the division will he move on to other weight classes. As of now, complete dominance in a division that includes champion commander Israel Adesanya, perennial contender Robert Whittaker and rising new face Alex Pereira looks like a distant dream.

Jack Hermansson plans to become a retired coach

The 34-year-old bounced back perfectly from his loss to Sean Strickland. However, with a long line of contenders ahead of him for a title shot, there is quite a bit of a wait for him. He can still consider planning for retirement as he’s well into his 30s and “The Joker” has no shortage of options.

Hailing from Norway, the Swedish-born fighter proudly represents both countries and is known to have held various jobs before making his foray into mixed martial arts. Jack Hermansson has worked at a pet store, as a bartender and also as a substitute teacher, but he has no plans to return to one.

Sportskeeda MMA asked him if a return to the pet store was imminent after his retirement from combat sports, and “The Joker” dismissed having such plans:

“I’m not going back to the pet store. I can’t wait to, you know, give everything I’ve learned in my own martial arts career and pass it on to the next generation and become a great trainer.”

Jack Hermansson’s interest, however, lies in passing on his martial arts knowledge and experience to the next generation of fighters by training children. The middleweight contender aspires to become a coach after retiring from the sport and the world of MMA will only be a better place for it.

Check out Hermansson’s full press conference on the Sportskeeda MMA YouTube channel:

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