Kaishin Taekwondo training center teaches women and girls a ‘skill for life’: Sally Thornton | Liberal Daily

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“Martial arts is great for self-defense, but it’s also a holistic sport that improves muscle strength, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness,” said taekwondo-trained Sally Thornton. For 20 years now, Ms Thornton has urged young and adult women to learn martial arts as she did, as it is a “lifelong skill” that can keep them physically and mentally healthy, as well to protect them from potential damage. “As a mother of two daughters, who have both earned their black belts, I take comfort in knowing that if they were caught in a dangerous situation, they would have the composure and skills to know what to do.” ALSO MAKING THE NEWS: At the Kaishin Taekwondo training center on Serisien Street, a large number of women and girls as young as 10 years old are signed up to learn one of the oldest forms of Korean martial arts on the use of hands, fists and legs to kick and defend oneself. on an attacker. Led by his instructor, 5th black belt Dan Kym Housden, the atmosphere inside resembles a Karate Kid movie set, except it’s mostly girls and women in white dresses with different colors of belt displaying their skill level. Eliza, the 11-year-old daughter of entrepreneur Dubbo Angela Schuster, is enrolled at the center to build her confidence and resilience. “I wanted my daughter to learn self-esteem and resilience through taekwondo,” Ms Schuster said. “It helps young girls become more comfortable with themselves.” Ms Schuster said her parents taught her early on the benefits of martial arts as a sport and a skill, it was part of her life. Three years ago, Ms. Schuster signed up to train with Eliza in Ms. Housden’s class, despite earning a blue belt with brown stripes. “Kym is a very supportive and challenging instructor, which has worked really well for us. Learning martial arts isn’t about learning aggression. It’s about learning agility, strength, skill and attitude. ‘Self-Discipline.’ It’s a place where you learn how to stand and how to get back up. This week’s celebration of NSW Women’s Week and International Women’s Day highlights self-defence classes to prevent violence against women and girls at the Police Citizens Youth Club in Darling Street . Dubbo MP Dugald Saunders said the NSW government has funded the Dubbo Violence Prevention Collective initiative, free Strong Like a Girl self-defence classes, to reduce high cases of DV. Our reporters work hard to provide local, up-to-date news to the community. This is how you can continue to access our trusted content:


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