Karateka gives good results in the tournament

Local resident James Kupferberg recently won a gold medal in kumite and a silver medal in kata at the JKA South African Championships.

Kupferberg said his extra training sessions with his sensei, Warren Bainton, helped him win the medals.

“I’m happy with my overall results in the tournament. My intense training paid off. I trained five days a week – with my sensei for three days and two days alone.

“There were seven competitors I fought in kumite and four in kata. I tried my best to defeat them all, which I did in kumite, but in kata it didn’t happen as expected. However, I will try to do better in kata next time.

“It’s not easy to fight at this level, and that’s why I’m proud of myself.

“This tournament is held every year and I will participate in next year’s tournament, if the opportunity arises.
“We all fought in a round robin system in kumite and kata. Karate is my first love and I want to be the best at it.

“I rose through the ranks in karate after getting my purple belt. I will work hard to get a black belt.

“I look up to my sensei Warren Bainton who has been part of the karate fraternity for a long time. He taught me to be disciplined and respectful,” Kupferberg said.

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Kristen T. Prall