Kengan Omega Chapter 153 Spoilers: Koga’s Training

Kengan Omegathe action-packed martial arts manga series written by Sandrovich Yabago with artwork by Daromeon, just returned with chapter 153 today, and fans are wondering how the training between Narushima Koga and Kanoh Agito will go .

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Kengan Omega Koga

In the last chapters of Kengan Omega, we saw powerful members of the Worm and the formation of the Anti-Worm Alliance. We also saw the story focus more on Narushima Koga, “The Fist Eye”. We haven’t seen much of Tokita Ohma and other familiar characters lately, but chances are we’ll see them soon. It looks like the series is strengthening the conflict against the worm while developing various characters like Koga.

Read below for more details on the latest Kengan Omega chapter.

Kengan Omega Chapter 153 Spoilers: Koga’s Training

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Kengan Omega

New Kengan Omega the chapter picks up where chapter 152 left off: Narushima Koga meets Kanoh Agito to train in the yard near the hotel near the beach, and they have agreed to make “everything goes.”

Agito says, “Again”, and he quickly punches Koga, then he activates the Fist-Eye technique so he can defend against his punches. Koga is able to dodge Agito’s flurry of punches. Then Agito kicks and Koga dodges again. Agito tries to hit Koga’s neck with his hand, dodges again, but Agito’s foot is able to hit Koga’s right leg.

A hand is shown, raised, and it turns out to be Rolon Donaire’s. He tells Koga that he lost his focus and relied too much on his eye. Agito says the Fist Eye’s kinetic vision is nothing short of a threat, and neither Rolon nor I can hope to get anywhere near it.

He explains that it’s not all-powerful, and it accelerates your exhaustion and prolonged use leads to loss of concentration. Rolon went on to tell Koga that he was unresponsive at the “start”.

Rolon approaches Koga and tells him that he will punch him in the face and try to block him. He tells him to use his body, not just his eyes, so he can feel the airflow over his skin and every hair.

The three eat together outside and Rolon tells Koga that defensive abilities are directly related to strength. Agito tells Koga to use his environment and never stop innovating.

The chapter ends with a photo of Koga’s plate being filled with food, and he says he is lucky to receive personal training from the champions of the Kengan and Purgatory matches.

It looks like Kengan Omega is racking up the huge conflict against The Worm, and it’s clear that Koga will be one of the most important fighters in history.

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Where to read Kengan Omega Chapter 153?

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Kengan Omega

Kengan Omega is serialized in Ura Sunday magazine in Japan. North American fans can read Kengan Omega Chapter 153 on Kodansha Comics and Amazon Kindle.

You can also read the latest chapter on ComicKey.

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