LifeOmic and Les Mills Partner to Increase Accessibility to World-Class Fitness Series

Partnership brings comprehensive, personalized wellness solutions to employers and individuals through LifeOmic Precision Wellness and LifeOmic’s LIFE apps

INDIANAPOLIS, August 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — LifeOmica software company leveraging the cloud, machine learning and mobile devices to power precision health and wellness solutions, today announced a partnership with The windmills, the global leader in group fitness whose mission is to make fitness as accessible and convenient as possible. As part of their membership, LifeOmic Precision Wellness and LIFE + members now have access to Les Mills Starter Serieswhich features over 200 short workouts designed to gradually adapt to each member’s journey.

This partnership comes at a critical time for individuals and employers dealing with the adverse effects of the pandemic. COVID-19 has only exacerbated occupational health and mental health issues such as employee burnout and anxiety. According to dr. Tim AllertonPh.D., RCEP, Exercise Physiologist, exercise and physical activity promotes improved mental health and cognitive function, and is associated with lower rates of dementia and cognitive impairment associated with the aging process. Regular exercise also lowers blood lipids, improves glucose and insulin sensitivity, reduces inflammation, lowers blood pressure, reduces visceral adipose tissue, and is important for healthy body composition.

LifeOmic powers precision health and wellness under one platform. His Precision Wellness The solution leverages precision medicine to create a free personalized platform for employers to encourage employees to adopt healthy habits while improving retention, reduction in health insurance premiums and minimize absenteeism. Precision Wellness is available to employees through LifeOmic Extend LIFE app, a mobile application designed to help users manage their holistic health through five scientifically validated pillars of health: nutrition, sleep, mindfulness, exercise and intermittent fasting.

LIFE+ is one of the company’s consumer-focused offerings and empowers individuals to take control of their health and well-being through a personalized approach that builds on the four determinants of health: genetics, social and environmental factors, behavior and health care. LIFE+ can be accessed via LIFE Fastingthe company’s intermittent fasting tracker, or LIFE Extend.

“The partnership with The windmills underscores our mission to empower every individual, whether employee or consumer, with the resources to take control of their health,” said Dr. Don Brown, CEO and Founder of LifeOmic. “Exercise is one of LifeOmic’s five scientifically validated pillars of health. With The windmillswe are now able to further support our users with hundreds of world-class fitness classes in the palm of their hands and help them continue to achieve their health goals anytime, anywhere. “

The windmills is an evidence-based exercise program best known for its BODYCOMBAT™, BODYPUMP™, and BODYBALANCE™ fitness classes. With over 140,000 instructors teaching the programs worldwide, The windmills live class formats are available in fitness clubs around the world and digitally through the LM+ app. In addition to its group fitness programs, The windmills offers HIIT, dance and workout programs for young people. Most workouts require little to no equipment and can be done from the comfort of home.

“We are thrilled to partner with LifeOmic to help employees and individuals nationwide achieve their health and fitness goals,” said Sean Turn, CEO, Les Mills USA. “Through this partnership, we are helping to personalize health and wellbeing in the workplace and beyond.”

New partnership expands LifeOmic’s offerings to include world-class workouts in addition to its health literacy content, on-demand mindfulness sessions, blood biomarker integration, health coaching, circles, challenges and more.

To learn more about Precision Wellness, LIFE+ and other LifeOmic offerings, visit

About LifeOmic:
LifeOmic is a software company that leverages the cloud, machine learning and mobile devices to power precision healthcare solutions. LifeOmic’s cloud-based software, Precision Health Cloudsecurely aggregates, stores and analyzes health data to power its entire suite of solutions, including: Precision Wellness for employers; LIFE Apps for individuals; Precision Recovery and Precision oncology for providers and researchers; and Lifeology for healthcare and pharmaceutical companies. LifeOmic also offers a platform as a service, allowing businesses to build custom applications for healthcare. Combined, LifeOmic’s solutions span the health continuum to improve prevention, wellness, diagnosis, management and research. To learn more about LifeOmic, visit

About The windmills:
The windmills is the global leader in group fitness and creator of 20 programs available in leading fitness centers around the world. The windmills programs include the world’s first group resistance training workout BODYPUMP, BODYCOMBAT (martial arts), RPM (indoor cycling), BODYBALANCE (yoga), GRIT MILLS (30 minutes of high intensity interval training) and the revolutionary immersive cycle experience, THE TRIP. Each workout is refreshed and updated with new choreography and music every three months.

The company was founded by The windmills – a four-time Olympian and head coach of from new zealand athletics team – which opened its first gym in 1968 with the aim of bringing as many people as possible into elite sports training. Today, The windmills Workouts are delivered by 140,000 certified instructors in 21,000 clubs across 100 countries and are available as live, live, virtual and immersive classes, as well as via the LES MILLS+ streaming platform.

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