Mark Zuckerberg said he gave up running as an exercise to distract himself from work because “the problem with running is that you can think a lot”.

  • Mark Zuckerberg said he needed to exercise every morning because looking at his phone felt like he was “punch in the stomach”.
  • He said he used to jog, but “the thing about running is you can think a lot.”

Mark Zuckerberg said waking up in the morning and looking at his phone felt like he was “punched in the stomach”, which eventually forced him to change his exercise routine.

On Thursday on “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast, Zuckerberg described his morning routine for hosting Joe Rogan, saying he gets an hour or more of exercise each morning to cope with the stress of his role as CEO of Meta.

“I wake up in the morning, look at my phone, you get a million messages of stuff coming in, and it’s usually not good. People save the good stuff to tell me in person,” Zuckerberg said.

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“So it’s almost like you wake up and get punched in the stomach, so it’s like okay… now I have to reset myself and be able to be productive and not not be stressed about it,” he added.

Zuckerberg says he likes exercises “that require total concentration” to distract himself from work.

“I used to run a lot, but the thing about running is you can think a lot,” he said.

Zuckerberg has previously touted his love for surfing and foilinganother water sport, but he told Rogan that he recently got into MMA or mixed martial arts.

“What’s a thing that’s both super engaging physically but also intellectually where you can’t afford to focus on anything else? MMA is the perfect thing because if you stop doing watch out for a second, you’re gonna end up on the bottom,” he said.

“I’ve found, especially as the business has grown, that it’s more important,” he told Rogan, referring to his morning exercise routine.

Kristen T. Prall