Martial Arts Champion to provide training in the Metaverse

Martial arts champion and UFC icon Amanda Nunes has teamed up with The Sports Metaverse, a virtual world specifically focused on sports, to offer her personal training at her metaverse gym. The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is a United States-based mixed martial arts (MMA) company, of which Nunes is a two-division UFC champion and is considered the greatest female MMA fighter of all time.

This partnership ushers in the launch of The Sports Metaverse pitch sale, where users can trade NFTs, buy pitches, interact with iconic sportspeople, and tour stadiums. The presale is currently underway and will open to the public in June.

Nunes builds her personal gym in the Sports Metaverse. She will appear in 3D and explain to users how to fight:

“It’s always been a dream to have a gym. You want to be in control of your stuff, you want to train the way you want. You want to be able to share with the fans. I’m building my own real-world gym and now I have one in the metaverse. It’s very exciting! I can’t wait to put all my posters in my own gym! I’ve made a lot of history in MMA and I can’t wait to have all my photos and memories of those times in my gym, so every time I walk in I have a good vibe and can train to do even more good things in sports. can’t wait to move on to the next stage of my life,” Nunes says.

The Sports Metaverse offers land for sale in the metaverse of Lion Lands and the Sports City, the main real estate of the Sports Metaverse and one of the seven islands. Users can visit a sports casino and stadium, watch live sports, socialize, Play2Earn, acquire NFTs with sports stars, get a deluxe fan cave to view, and interact with Amanda Nunes.

“We are thrilled to welcome Amanda Nunes and the five sports brands to Sports Metaverse. Amanda’s gym and the training she will provide is unique. We’re the only metaverse to volumetrically capture icons like this, allowing consumers to interact with top athletes in a whole new way. This is groundbreaking and we can’t wait for the sale of public lands in June,” said SportsIcon CEO and co-founder Chris Worsey.

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Kristen T. Prall