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Mike O’Hearn recently shared an old-school workout from the 1980s bodybuilding era. Known for his proclamation of never using PEDs throughout his life, O’Hearn explored the martial arts, bodybuilding, powerlifting, acting and modeling over a career spanning over 30 years. At 53, O’Hearn sports an aesthetically pleasing and muscular physique that has led many to question his claims that he is all-natural. However, he has never tested positive for any substance and presented his case graciously whenever asked about it.

After training for quite a long time, Mike O’Hearn has witnessed the changes the bodybuilding and fitness industry has gone through over the past few decades. Lately, he’s been sharing old-school workout techniques with his fans via his YouTube channel. A few weeks ago, Mike O’Hearn and Robby Robinson shared some “Old School” bicep training tips. Mike O’Hearn recently posted an old-school ’80s back exercise on his YouTube channel.

Some of the most iconic names in the sport of bodybuilding dominated the scene in the 1980s. They include Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lee Haney, Franco Columbus and Tom Platz to name a few. While many bodybuilding enthusiasts find the era absolutely nostalgic and iconic, few know the training methods of the time and what it was like to train in those days. So without further ado, let’s jump right into Mike O’Hearn’s “Old School” back exercise.

Mike O’Hearn presents the best old school exercise to strengthen the back

The back workout consisted of deadlifts followed by barbell rows bent over a bench. Mike O’Hearn is by no means a spring chicken. He admitted that at his age, it’s hard to do the deadlifts before doing the rows. However, he advised younger audiences to do the deadlifts before the rows.

Mike O’Hearn started the video by giving an overview of the workout and said:

“It’s a back workout from 1983 – old school 1980s style! This back workout is what I grew up on as a powerlifter.

While the dumbbell bend over bench seems like an advanced training method, bodybuilder Natty assured that even beginners can absolutely perform it. Performing bent over rows while standing on a bench obviously allows for a greater range of motion because the floor on either side of the bench is much lower. As a result, the movement gives a much greater stretch in the back muscles.

“Arnold Schwarzenegger would love that range of motion. I think that’s one of the reasons he’s still around today,” added Mike O’Hearn.

Arnold Schwarzenegger performing bent over bench rows

Standing on the bench limits the foot placement area. Therefore, the general shape of this movement may seem a bit awkward compared to performing bent over rows on the floor.

“The reason it’s great is because it shows how much harder it is than just a bent row…”

Mike O’Hearn further explained the benefits of doing bent over bench rows. For him, all aspects of exercises must be measurable. This movement in particular is a great indicator for determining fitness level and progress because it provides a better range of motion and is more difficult to execute compared to the usual bent rows.

Mike O’Hearn Explains ’80s Bodybuilding Era

After doing the first set, Mike O’Hearn was asked to share his thoughts on what it was like to perform this workout he did when he was still a young adult/teen.

“It reminds me of the 80s and that type of training. It also shows me two things: one, how balanced we were back then, the range of motion we were doing back then. Sometimes you you walk away from exercise for a week, which turns into a month, turns into a year… five years, ten years. And you’re like, ‘Holy sh#@. I just thought I was going to m ‘stop a second…’ Mike O’Hearn replied.

“(Training in the 80s was) wild!” He continued.

1979 Mr. California winner Larry Jackson is one of the best exponents of the ’80s bodybuilding era. Coincidentally, he trains in the same gym as Mike O’Hearn. He shared his own perspective on how times have changed in the world of bodybuilding. Larry Jackson said:

“Today is much better now. There is so much energy in this gym and when people come here they always come back. Back then, it was mostly men here. But now it’s masculine and feminine. It’s so much better that way. »

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