Monk Class Guide (Skills, Builds & Strategies)

The best build, skills and strategies to play the Monk in Diablo Immortal. A combination of single target and AoE attacks makes the Monk powerful.

The Monk is one of the newest additions to the franchise and appears as one of six character classes in Diablo Immortal. The Monks of Ivgorod have been part of the franchise since Diablo 3. They are holy warriors who combine martial arts attacks with spells to create a powerful melee fighter. Players looking for a fast melee character should give the Monk a try.

All character classes from Diablo Immortal have a main attack and four skills which are unlocked during leveling. Unlike the wizard, demon hunter, and necromancer classes that spawn minions, which work best from a distance, the monk is most powerful when up close and personal with demons in and around Wortham.


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Monks have a variety of single-target and area-of-effect (AoE) skills that make them powerful characters in Diablo Immortal. The best all-purpose builds are a combination of single-target and AoE skills depending on how the player wants to approach the gameplay. For starters, each of the six character classes has a choice of two primary skills and four secondary skills. Regardless of how many single-target or AoE secondary skills the player adds, the best primary skill is Fists of Thunder. Fists of Thunder teleports the player to a nearby enemy and deals damage in a series of quick hits. This skill can be upgraded to include area lightning damage once an enemy is killed.

Best Single Target Skills for Monk in Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal Monk Gameplay in the Graveyard
  • Seven-sided strike (level 1): This is the first skill Diablo players enter the game when playing as a Monk. The player dashes between different enemies, striking up to seven times to deal melee damage. There is a 12 second cooldown, but being able to deal damage to multiple single targets makes this a powerful skill.
  • Cyclone Strike (level 3): Unlike Seven-Sided Strike, which brings the player towards enemies, Cyclone Strike brings enemies towards the player with a gust of wind. The player can charge this skill to generate longer range and more damage to enemies. This skill also has a 12 second cooldown.
  • mystical allies (level 50): Mystic Allies invokes an old skill used in previous games in the franchise, such as the Demon Hunter’s Valkyrie in Diablo 3. Mystic Allies summons two spirits to fight alongside the player for 10 seconds, dealing damage and reflecting the player’s health. Although this is a powerful skill, it has a long cooldown of 30 seconds. Despite that, being able to clone yourself to attack enemies at close range is pretty awesome, and there’s a reason it’s the last skill that can be unlocked.

An alternative to Cyclone Strike is the skill Mystic Strike, unlocked at level 15. Like Cyclone Strike, Mystic Strike rounds up enemies and deals damage, but pairs that attack with a dash to get the monk out of trouble. They have similar cooldowns and charges.

Best AoE Skills for Monk in Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal Monk floating around the candles
  • explosive palm (level 20): This skill has a short cooldown of 6 seconds, making it an easy sell to players who are tired of balancing cooldowns. Although the AoE of this attack is not as powerful as the Demon Hunter’s Rain of Vengeance or the Sorcerer’s Meteor, it allows the player to attack enemies in a straight line in front of the character. Any enemy that dies from this attack will explode, dealing additional damage to surrounding enemies.
  • wave of light (level 41): This skill is more of a traditional AoE attack. A wave of light attacks enemies in all directions from the player. Cooldown is only 9 seconds and can hold two charges before needing to be replenished.

The best strategy is to combine some of the single target and AoE skills to create a well balanced character. This Diablo Immortal Monk character building works well in single player play and hidden mini-boss dungeons, so gear up and get ready to fight. Either way, the Monk is a fun melee character that makes good use of combat skills to deal maximum damage.

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