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The neo-Nazi martial arts training sessions were carried out on a facility pitch involving a number of different stances and fighting techniques at the Rennbahn Sports Facility, Berlin, Germany.

A neo-Nazi fight club hosting martial arts training sessions has been discovered (stock image)

A neo-Nazi fight club hosting martial arts training sessions has been discovered in operation at a sports center.

The right-wing martial arts group was discovered holding sparring sessions at the Rennbahn sports complex in the Weissensee district of Berlin, the German capital, without the permission or knowledge of local authorities.

The martial arts training given on the establishment’s grounds involves different postures and combat techniques.

They were seen wearing shirts that read “Kampf der Nibelungen”, a prominent far-right combat sports scene in Europe.

states Kampf der Nibelungen on its website. “At all times, they are fighters who have defended their clan, their tribe, their homeland.”

The Rennbahn sports facility in Berlin


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Last year, supporters of various far-right organizations and parties gathered at the Pankow district sports complex to stage a protest.

While the district council said it had no knowledge of such training sessions, the Berlin Senate said it was aware that “right-wing extremists train sporadically at the Rennbahn sports complex in Weissensee”. , according to a report by left-wing MPs. Niklas Schrader and Ferat Kocak.

The deputies added that the group does not have the right to use the facilities.

Due to strict secrecy laws in Germany, the Senate has not provided any information on who was involved in the group, however, Kocak believes more needs to be done to understand the extent of the problem.

The MP said: ‘Despite legitimate human rights concerns, anonymous reporting would be possible and important in order to be able to assess the extent of the problem.’

Overall, the Senate remained vague in its statements, giving the impression that it was not sufficiently aware of the problem of the right-wing martial arts scene in the city.

Local media said officials did not know how often the group’s training sessions took place and it was unclear whether they were under investigation by Berlin police.

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