NWA Roundup: Steamboat Announces Tournament, Stevens Brings Back Masked Character, More!

Let’s check out the National Wrestling Alliance.

The last episode of NWA Powerrr (S10E1) featured the fallout from NWA 74 (Night 1, Night 2) in the season premiere.

Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat stopped by with important news. He enjoyed the retro vibe of studio wrestling. Steamboat announced that Billy Corgan brought him in to compete in the NWA National Heavyweight Championship #1 tournament. The winner will challenge Cyon to hard times 3 November 12. Steamboat has emphasized the excitement that tournaments can produce.

Matt Cardona interrupted the interview to declare his intention to challenge Trevor Murdoch for the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship at hard times 3. Steamboat understood Cardona’s desire to reclaim a title he never lost, but advised Cardona to focus on returning to 100% health. Cardona’s shock loss to Rolando Freeman at NWA 74 was the proof. Chelsea Green had no such disrespect and called Steamboat an arm flirt.

Cardona had his chance for revenge in the Powerrr main event for a No DQ rematch. (Full details here.) It backfired in defeating the former world champion. Cardona had victory within reach after a low kick and three consecutive running shoes in the corner. Trevor Murdoch ran out to find a flying bulldog out of nowhere. The current world champion trailed Rolando over Cardona for the win. Rolando is now 2-0 against Cardona.

In a bit of madness, Aron Stevens has the trademark contract for the question mark. He introduced the character, who was obviously Rodney Mack in a mask, trying to pass him off as the real deal. The original question mark was Jocephus, who died in February 2021. Mack used Mongrovian karate to punch De’Vin Graves en route to victory. Mack executed the Mongrovian spike strike to the throat.

NWA Powerrr

In another action, Matt Taven defeated Mecha Wolf in a good match by Powerrr standards. Taven threw Mecha Wolf off the turnbuckles. Taven fled, Mecha Wolf escaped, and Taven landed on his feet. Mecha Wolf pounced for a Hurricane, but Taven swung it through to steal the pin victory. Thom Latimer dominated Chris Sainz. Latimer told his opponent that he only sees EC3 through the ring, so the blows he will inflict are nothing personal. A seated electric bomb sealed the deal.

On the promotional tip, EC3 isn’t in the NWA for an invasion. His goal is to wake up the industry, so he must wake up those who can bear the load. Thom Latimer is one such individual as a five tool wrestler. The only thing holding Latimer back is himself. EC3 also has a desire to win the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship, so he can throw the belt into a searing fire. Nick Aldis and Flip Gordon come to get revenge on Odinson for his attack on NWA 74. Bully Ray did as promised by putting Mike Knox through a table. If this is his last game in the NWA, so be it.

The last episode of NWA United States (S4E1) featured qualifying bouts for the NWA National Heavyweight Championship Tournament #1.

“Magic” Jake Dumas defeated Luke Hawx in qualifying. Hawx was on a roll to rally. When Hawx jumped into the corner for a leapfrog, Dumas caught him for a tombstone piledriver to win.

The other qualifying bout saw Jax Dane lose his mind against Dak Draper. Draper was a rising prospect in ROH as Mile High Magnum. Draper’s athleticism gave Dane bouts of frustration. Dane managed to hit Draper on a clothesline. When Dane charged forward, he ate a back elbow. This made Dane snap with rage. He choked Draper in the corner and ignored the referee’s warnings. When the referee tried to force a separation, Dane pushed him. The referee called the bell awarding the victory by disqualification to Draper.

In another action, Colby Corino defeated Joe Ocasio, Gustavo and PJ Hawx in a four way fight. Corino has aligned himself with Jamie Stanley as manager. Stanley paid dividends with physical interference on Ocasio to help Corino win.

On the promotional board, the Fixers celebrated winning the NWA United States Tag Team Championship. As part of their babyface round, the Fixers called out Ricky Morton and Kerry Morton. The Mortons go with pro wrestling as red, white and blue. The Fixers want to shake hands and bury the hatchet. The Mortons haven’t come out. No word on why.

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Kristen T. Prall