NWS karateka ready for Commonwealth tournament

Two karatekas, Aiden Corregedor (15) and Kayleen Chetty (15) of New World Shotokan (NWS), have been selected to represent South Africa at the Commonwealth Karate Championships in Birmingham in September.

This comes after Corregedor earned a bronze medal in kumite and Chetty received a gold medal also in kumite, at the recent Arnold Classic tournament.

Chetty said the Arnold Classic was held at Roodepoort and although she got a silver medal, due to her ranking in karate she managed to beat the fighters she faced to get a silver medal. ‘gold.

“Now I am preparing for England. I go abroad for the experience, even if I don’t win I will be satisfied. It will be my first time going overseas, but it won’t be my first time competing internationally. I participated in the international championships which took place in South Africa in 2018.

“I participated in the championships when I was only nine years old and won a bronze medal. The next international competition will include different styles of karate, but I will fight in kumite. I am preparing for the tournament in m ‘training at home and here at the dojo,” Chetty said.

Corregedor said he was unhappy with his result and performance at the Arnold Classic.

“I would like to improve by winning at international competition. I will appreciate any type of medal at the championships because it is an important event. There will be a lot of countries, and because of that, it will be difficult for me to win. I will participate in kumite competitions.

“In preparation for the championships, I train four days a week. I have these sessions to improve my karate skills and techniques,” Corregedor said.

Takis Chaniotakos, who is the sensei for karateka going to England, said he teaches his students the basic styles and techniques of karate, but together with Corregedor and Chetty he will improve the game and take their sessions to the highest level. level.

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Kristen T. Prall