Phoenix No Limits Karate held annual training on the beach

Phoenix No Limit students practice at Range Pond on June 25th. Photo submitted

Phoenix No Limit Karate students practice in the water at Range Pond on June 25. Photo submitted

POLAND – Phoenix No Limits Karate of Auburn held their annual beach training at Range Pond State Park on Saturday June 25th.

Several karate students of all grades, ages two and up, participated in the outdoor classes. Toddlers enjoyed an obstacle course set up in the sand and water, followed by lessons for children and adults doing kata (a set of memorized moves), sumo wrestling and archery. the rope, all also on the beach and in the water.

Phoenix No Limits Karate is a karate dojo driven by family values ​​of love, honor and respect.

The precepts of the Phoenix: humility, self-control, integrity, courtesy, discipline, perseverance and compassion.

If you would like to learn more about classes, summer camp, and other fun summer events coming up, please call (207) 577-4179 or visit the website.

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Kristen T. Prall