Phoenix No Limits Karate hosted the A/L Valley Karate Tournament

Karate students demonstrate their skills during the A/L Valley Open Tournament July 16 at Central Maine Community College. Photo submitted

AUBURN – Phoenix No Limits Karate of Auburn hosted the inaugural A/L Valley Open Tournament on Saturday, July 16 at Central Maine Community College.

Schools across Maine, including Winslow’s Huard Martial Arts School and Maine’s Isshinryu Karate Academies, participated in several events. Competitors won various trophies and medals in Kata (memorized self-defense moves), Weapon Kata, Continuous Kumite (light contact fighting for two minutes) and Set Self-Defense (cumulative defense techniques against repeated attack).

Featured at the A/L Valley Tournament, Phoenix No Limits Demo Team. The crowd of more than 100 spectators was very enthusiastic as they watched the team demonstrate several levels of martial arts training, including weapon kata, street self-defense and advanced plank breaking.

Phoenix No Limits Karate is a non-profit martial arts school located at 945 Center St. in Auburn.

If you would like more information about classes or upcoming events at this family school, please visit: or call (207) 577-1046

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Kristen T. Prall