Raab’s ultimatum to Glyndebourne has him bawled by the working class

Outside of the Commons anti-Brexit howler, Steve Bray was having his megaphone confiscated by police and slapped with a court summons. It’s too loud, according to draconian new laws introduced to stifle protest.

However, just yards away in the Commons, Tory members were repeatedly told by the speaker to stop yelling as alternate Angela Rayner tried to ask questions.

A hundred or more, mostly men, yelling at a woman in the bedroom must be louder than Bray. The acoustics of democracy have never sounded so hypocritical.

The Prime Minister was not here today. He fled the UK and went to Rwanda, the G7 and now a NATO meeting. You can expect him to come to Kyiv for another photo op with President Zelensky on his way home.

How long before the Ukrainian leader stops answering calls from the floundering prime minister, you wonder?

killer heels

So it was Dominic Raab, the black belt in karate, against Rayner, in killer heels, to be fair.

Rayner brings energy, a brash northern spirit and is quick on his feet.

Raab is the polar opposite, someone who sucks dynamism like a black hole, wise that only home counties and Oxbridge upbringing can grant, and someone who you think would struggle to put on shoes.

At one point he made a ‘joke’ about Rayner wanting to be the Labor leader and stood there, deathly still. He looked like a baby unable to understand what this new feeling was and how to deal with it.

socialist champagne

Once he got his act together, he called out Rayner for not being on the picket line but instead going to hear opera in Gylndebourne and accused her of being a ‘champagne socialist’ .

You get the sense that Dom wouldn’t believe a working-class woman would attend such an event as part of the wait staff.

Turns out Rayner saw The Marriage of Figaro, a satire on an out of touch ruling class, bullies and sexual predators.

She was probably trying to get some old school advice on overthrowing the current government, she could probably spend it.

Unprotected sex

Then Raab kind of stared into the distance, apparently imagining what poor people in the North do with a weekend, snooping around, having unprotected sex in pub car parks or skipping meals due to poverty in the work.

It’s not enough to think about it and it will never do it again

Going back to the “militant” strikers, railroad personnel, lawyers, doctors, firefighters, teachers, postal workers, probably another couple of industries as I write these lines, are either in strike, or head down that path.

Murdoch’s Divorce Party

Rayner pointed out that while the government failed to get to the negotiating table with the RMT union, it was at the banquet table, having hundreds of thousands of its donors kicked out. They also went to the Serpentine for Rupert Murdoch’s latest divorce party.

Rayner took over government defense spending cuts, which triggered Raab.

He told Angela he would not attend any lectures as she had campaigned to make Jeremy Corbyn PM. For someone who was a leader a long time ago, he still gets a mention in the LFs.

But Rayner didn’t have it, she said she’s the one who won’t take lessons from a man who was on a deck chair when Afghanistan fell.

There was a shudder in Dom, not about the downfall of a nation we had invaded, but about the possibility that Angela might show up at the hotel during her next vacation.

It’s a shame that all the Russian donors lost their super yachts, he could have skipped one, and the only Labor face he will meet is Peter Mandelson.

And with an image of Raab and Mandy in speedos, discussing how to get rich as a horrible oligarch flies around in a helicopter full of prostitutes, I say goodbye.

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Kristen T. Prall