Ramgarh: 150 students attend karate training camp


Ramgarh, : A one-day karate training camp was organized on Sunday under the auspices of the Shotokan Karate Federation of India at the Temple of Warriors, Goriyaribag Karate Training Centre.

The camp was jointly inaugurated by karate instructors Hansi Manas Sinha, Sihan Narendra Sinha, Sensi Shashi Pandey and other karate instructors. Sinha educated all students on technical nuances while providing karate training.

A total of 150 karate players from Ramgarh and surrounding areas participated in the camp. After providing about 3 hours of training to the students participating in the camp, their test was taken and based on it, different colored belts were given to the students.

Along with this, the students who excelled in the test were honored with the title of best karate player. Players who excelled were honored with medals by the camp’s head coach.

Addressing the closing ceremony, karate instructor Hansi Manas Sinha said, “Karate is the best art of self-defense and health preservation at present. Apart from this, karate helps to increase our physical abilities as well as our mental abilities.

Karate instructors Kamal Nayak, Vinay Ranjan, Chandan Sahni, Rupesh Kumar Mahato, Dhriti Bose, Chandraprakash Upadhyay, Bablu Mahto, Arun Saw, Deepak Kumar and a large number of karate coaches, karate players and parents were present occasionally.

Kristen T. Prall