Shaquille O’Neal, spent months training with MMA fighters and practicing his moves on a defenseless reporter

Shaquille O’Neal trained and practiced MMA for a while only to eventually end up doing some helpless reporting.

Shaquille O’Neal once showed off his mixed martial arts skills by putting reporter Michael Wallace on delivery. The interminable NBA Big Man Man was honing his MMA skills while he was away playing for the Miami Heat. So he decided to show off his progress to one of the reporters during a press day at the start of Heat training camp.

In an article commemorating Shaq’s incredible interaction with the media,’s Michael Wallace reminisces about meeting Big Man. Apart from MMA, Shaq was interested in various other activities, such as dancing, music, rapping, etc. In fact, he was proud of the variety of things he enjoyed off the pitch.

Shaquille O’Neal assigns a reporter to deliver the message
Michael Wallace recalls how Shaq put him on ‘Shaqmission’ to squeeze him during his days covering the Miami Heat. Getting caught catching a giant 7 meter athlete should be a bad experience.

But luckily, Wallace goes on to tell the story, “There was even a time when he appeared on a media day at the start of Heat training camp announcing that he had completed all off-season practices with MMA fighters and tried to set me up. “Shaqmission” (post) is packed to prove everything you’ve learned. “You will surely be remembered as the perfect person in the entertainment business.

Shaquille O’Neal love of mma

In an interview with Ariel Helwani, Shaq opened up about his love of MMA. In fact, Shaq considers MMA to be the toughest sport in the world.

Basically, in MMA, an athlete has to remember the different moves that come from different sports and at the same time respond to his opponent’s attacks. “MMA is a very difficult sport because it works all the muscles” says Shaq“So try not to rest and then someone will choke you and hit you, it was a very tough match.”

The four-time NBA champion also won his MMA training and wrestling championship. This increased his firmness, concentration and ability to control the paint. It also helped him strike the right balance to get the gun while sending against defenders.

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