Sifu update brings new difficulty options, outfits and training mode

The boards don’t fight back…

Developer Sloclap has released the first major update to its punchy brawler RPG, Sifu. Now available on PC and PlayStation platforms, the content drop brings all-new in-game features designed to test the mettle of the best (and oldest) martial arts masters across the globe.

First on the agenda, the Sifu Spring Content Update adds three difficulty options, Student, Disciple, and Master. Each mode features adjusted AI, altered enemy response time, and changes to how quickly the protagonist ages. The disciple represents Sifuso those who have struggled (or dominated) thus far should turn to one of the other options to fine-tune the challenge.

In addition to the new difficulty settings, the update includes two new outfits for all players, as well as an additional outfit for Deluxe Edition owners. These new duds can be applied by visiting the Wuguan in-game. An advanced training mode has also been added to Sifu, which will allow players to practice against all previously defeated enemies and bosses in order to come up with an attack strategy. I want to see you all become Jackie Chan in Project A, statistical

Finally, a series of technical changes including bug fixes, improved mouse and keyboard support, dark mode, HUD sharpening, and other minor tweaks have been made across the board. hope to make your journey of revenge more focused than ever. Don’t forget to dig of them fallen down.

Sifu is available now on PC and PlayStation.

Chris Moise

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