Syracuse youth participate in inaugural karate tournament – ​​Syracuse Journal-Democrat

Twenty young people from the Syracuse area participated in the inaugural karate tournament organized by SDC Karate, Sensei Kris Baehr. A group of boys and a group of girls both had four events: Kata; Power Strike, Sparring and Board Breaking Competition.

Master CJ Stevens of the TKD school in Omaha Dek gave a demonstration of Tae Kwon Do.

The mission of SDC Karate is “to instill a positive character that will last a lifetime while learning to protect ourselves, our loved ones and those in danger”. Beginning with a camp in July 2020 to gauge local interest, karate is now offered three days a week for children ages 4 through adult at the Syracuse Dance Company,

331 5th street in Syracuse. Students learn a mixture of Shotokan and Kenpo. According to the SDC brochure, Shotokan karate is a traditional Japanese martial art known for its powerful strikes, punches, blocks and deep stances, while American Kenpo karate is a self-defense fighting system known for its fast and powerful strikes and its very effective combat principles in hand. – unarmed combat.

Kata: The highest possible score is a 10. A panel of four judges evaluated the participants in the categories Structure, Positions, Accuracy and Power. Winners of the 5-6 year old white belt kata

1st Place: Rhett Lindersmith Score: 7.075

2nd place: Riggs Lindersmith Score: 6.75

3rd Place: Valerie Shepherd Score: 6.525 White Belt Kata Winners Ages 9-13

1st place: Deitric Pfeiffer Score: 8.9

2nd Place: Judd Lindersmith Score: 8.225

3rd Place: Danika Eylar: 6.625 Yellow Belt Kata Ages 7-11 1st Place Winners: Liam Walters Score: 9.25

2nd place: Avery Dilley Score: 9.225

3rd Place: Lily Billslend Score: 8.75 Kata Orange Belt Ages 10-12 Winners

1st Place: Cora Bryant Score: 9,625

2nd Place: John Bryant Score: 9.5

3rd Place: Jayden Walker Score: 9.05 Power Competition: Power competition is the average of two out of three punches in a karate bag with a device to measure the power of the punch with the two highest averages raised to get a score.

5-7 years: Mackson Tonkin with a power score of

219 8-10 years old: Jameson Mitchell with a power score of

594 11-13 years old: Deitric Pfeiffer with a power score of

864.5 Boys fights 5-6 years old

1st place: Rhett Lindersmith

2nd place: Riggs Lindersmith

3rd place: Mackson Tonkin Girls Sparring Ages 6-7

1st place: Lily Billsend

2nd place: Valerie Shepherd Boys Sparring 9-10 years old

1st place: Ryker Swaink

2nd: Judd Lindersmith

3rd place: Liam Walters Girls Sparring Ages 10-11

1st place: Cora Bryant

2nd place: Avery Dilley

3rd place: Brooklyn Ammon Boys Sparring 11-13 years old

1st place: John Bryant

2nd place: Deitric Pfeiffer

3rd place: Ryder Tonkin Board Breaking.

Participants get two attempts for each board. The boards, in order of difficulty are yellow, orange, green. blue, blue and yellow together and blue and orange together.

5-7 years old: Lily Billslend, she reached the orange board 8-10 years old: Jameson Mitchell, he reached the blue and yellow boards together 11-13 years old: Deitric Pfieffer, he reached the blue and yellow boards together.

Kristen T. Prall