The Complete Monk Class Guide and Tips

There are different classes to choose from as you play Diablo Immortal. The game offers six different classes from which you can choose the desired class from the bundle at the start of the game. In this guide, we will explain and inform you about the monk class and its strengths and weaknesses, and also recommends you the best Diablo Immortal skills. If you are looking for someone who is as good as a fighter and specializes in Martial Arts and is agile, then the Monk class is the right class for you.

Introducing the Monk Class in Diablo Immortal


The Monk class is the deadliest class among the lot possessing excellent crowd control abilities and fantastic defensive and damage abilities. Due to its agility and movement speed, this class is also classified as Crusaders and Barbarians. Monks don’t need any melee weapons like a sword or an ax for combat, only punches and kicks are enough to deal damage.

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Monk is more preferred in PvP modes and groups as he is much more capable and provides great support to others. With the right set of Gears and Legendary Gems equipped, you can make your class stronger and more agile.


Despite having appropriate agility and fantastic defensive abilities, the Monk lacks in some areas. The monk mostly relies on his hard-earned combos and skills. It has relatively low health and therefore you have to focus more on the character’s movements. It also lacks inflicting a good amount of damage to its enemies. They need constant upgrades and better legendary gems and gear as they progress through the game’s much harder content.

Understanding the Best Monk Class PvE Skills in Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal offers many exciting skills for the Monk class. Among which, we recommend that you choose these seven skills.

1. Fists of Thunder

Unleashes the ability to teleport to a nearby monster and register a rapid succession of punches and teleport again after the third hit. The skill is unlocked at level 1.

2. Ultimate Ability (Lighting Flux)

This allows you to buff Fists of Thunder for 12 seconds and generate a thunderstorm dealing AoE damage. The ability also grants you a shield that absorbs damage equal to 20% of your maximum life for 3 seconds.

3. Flying Kick

This skill allows you to advance towards your enemy, push them back further and deal a good amount of damage to nearby enemies with a maximum of 3 stacks at a time. The skill is unlocked at level 1.

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4. Cyclonic Strike

This allows you to initiate a whirlwind of wind pulling in your enemies and causing damage. The longer you charge, the greater your damage and range. This skill is also unlocked at level 1.

5. Seven Sided Strike

This skill allows you to attack an enemy seven times in rapid succession, stacking 50% more damage on each target hit more than once. The skill unlocks at level 8.

6. Mystical Strike

This skill allows you to dash 4.5 meters leaving behind a spirit that will come back to you dragging enemies in its path and causing damage. You can three times at once. This skill is unlocked at level 15.

7. Explosive Palm

This skill allows you to inflict damage on enemies in a specific direction and inflict bleeding on enemies for 5 seconds. Enemies that bleed to death will explode and deal damage to nearby enemies. Enemies can only be hit five times in one second by these explosions and starting from the second explosion, they will take 30% of normal damage with a maximum of 2 stacks. The skill unlocks at level 24.

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Kristen T. Prall