The SWAG team organizes a martial arts training camp for women

The Super Women Athlete Group (SWAG) recently held a martial arts camp for its members near Gaur City Mall with women’s self-defense and physical safety in mind. At the event, members of the SWAG team were trained in karate, a well-known form of martial arts.

Team SWAG is a group of women from different professions in Greater Noida West who strive to inspire women to actively participate in sports activities such as cricket, cycling and running in order to get fit .

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Members of the SWAG team participated in the camp, hoping to inspire other GreNo West women to join the camp. The SWAG team believes that every woman should undergo martial arts training in order to protect herself during times of need. Similar martial arts training sessions would be held by them two or three times a month.

The session was conducted under the supervision of Neha Sharma, a national boxing winner, who is a teacher by profession. Neha Sharma, the trainer, says, “Martial arts is a very important education for women. This martial arts camp will be organized at least two or three times a month so that women can protect themselves in all circumstances.”

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Tanu Bhargava, a member of the Swag team, says: “Every day, whether on social media or on television, we hear cases of violence against women. There are so many stories of sexual violence or random attacks by a chain thief. For this reason, self-defense training becomes very important for all women. All girls and women must have undergone martial arts training to resist and save themselves from such a crime.”

Dr. Abhiruchi, a member of the Swag team, says, “Prevention is better than cure in medical terms. Likewise, for women, self-defense is better than being the victim of misfortune.”

Kalpna Choudhry, a member of the Swag team, says, “Self-defense training is a must for every woman. Martial arts training reduces dependence on others. Moreover, it has also been shown to improve the mental health of women. The most important thing is that women can learn to defend themselves physically.”

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Bhawana Gaur, another member of the SWAG team says, “Self-defense is like first aid. We learn it and hope we never have to use it. Our safety is in our hands. All women must learn to defend themselves to protect themselves. More power to all the women out there.

Kristen T. Prall