What D&D class would each member of Class 1-A play in

While most fans don’t think of D&D when watching my hero academia there are many parallels with fantasy in my hero academia. The series has some incredibly unique quirks that could easily be found in any D&D related material, but there’s also the fantastical artwork that Horikoshi created for the manga.

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Thanks to the artwork, fans have often debated what kind of D&D characters the members of Class 1-A would be. The character’s horoscopes and blood type might say a lot about the character’s personality, but their D&D classes would really show who the members of Class 1-A are.

ten Midoriya is a barbarian with the ancestral guardian of the subclass

Midoriya doesn’t seem like the type of person that would suit the Barbarian class, especially with Barbarians’ tendency to rage in battle, but considering how often his anger fuels his fights, this class suits him just fine. .

Not to mention, Barbarians have a subclass called the Ancestral Guardian, which allows a person to use the strength of their ancestors to aid them in battle. Former One For All users may not be his ancestors, but he definitely uses their strength while fighting bad guys, making this the perfect class for him.

9 Yaoyorozu is an Artificer with the Battle Smith subclass

Yaoyorozu is a designer, which makes her the perfect craftswoman. With her Quirk, she is able to create weapons, armor, and other items through her skin. The only downside is that it takes a lot of stamina and she needs to know the item’s chemistry to use it.

However, like any good artificer, Yaoyorozu is incredibly intelligent. Artificers are masters at unlocking item abilities. Yaoyorozu also tends to craft cannons and other mechanical items, which makes the Subclass Combat Blacksmith perfectly suited for her.

8 Bakugo is a Barbarian with the Berserker subclass

Bakugo is what most D&D fans think a typical barbarian looks like. He is fierce in battle and he uses his explosive rage to his advantage when fighting bad guys. Sometimes his anger can get the better of him, but this trait is very barbaric.

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As far as subclasses go, the only one he could be is a berserker. His intense determination and battle rage often gave him the fuel to unleash giant attacks on his foes. There’s a reason Midoriya was scared of Bakugo for so long, he’s a scary guy when he gets angry.

seven Uraraka is a fighter with the subclass champion

At the start of the series, it seems that Uraraka is on his way to becoming a rescue hero. However, after the Sports Festival and the USJ attack, she realizes how important it is to know how to fight against the bad guys. During her internship, she learns a lot about Gunhead combat, and she becomes incredibly proficient.

Like the Fighter class, Uraraka uses her martial arts training to take down villains, including Toga, who is a member of the League of Villains. When it comes to fighting, Uraraka is tough and determined, so the champion subclass suits her well.

6 Iida is a cleric with the domain of the subclass order

Iida is the type of person who values ​​order above all else, which makes him a perfect class representative and cleric. Justice and heroism mean everything to him, and while he was willing to break the rules to prosecute Stain, it’s in the name of justice.

The domain of the subclass order conforms to Iida’s morals and methods of heroism. Everything should be done according to the book in his eyes, only deviating when it means saving lives. Clerics are the voice of justice, so it only makes sense that they will do justice to themselves from time to time.

5 Jiro is a bard of the College Of Valor subclass

Jiro’s Quirk is all about sound. She can use her ear plugs to attack bad guys with the sound of her heartbeat. She can also use them to hear everything going on around her. With a Quirk like hers, it makes sense that she would be in the bard class, especially with her talent for music.

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While there are several D&D subclasses suitable for him, the best bard subclass for Jiro is College of Valor. As a future heroine, she inspires those around her to do good in the world. Not to mention, her performance at the school festival cheered on the UA students negatively affected by the latest villain attack. Jiro may have a hard time expressing herself, but when she finally gives in, she becomes an excellent singer and bard.

4 Kirishima is a Barbarian with the Battlerager subclass

Kirishima may not be as quick to anger as the other characters, but he’s definitely one to charge first and ask questions later, like any good barbarian.

He’s the perfect shield that uses his Quirk to attack and defend himself, which is why he fits into D&D’s Battlerager subclass. A battlerager uses his anger and determination to weaponize his body, which is exactly the type of fighter Kirishima tries to be.

3 Tsuyu is a monk with the path of the Open Hand Subclass

With the appearance and abilities of a frog, Tsuyu’s fighting style is physical. She often uses her tongue to capture opponents or save allies, and just like a frog, she is also incredibly agile.

The monk class is perfect for a hero like her since monks use martial arts and the power of their body to fight enemies. Tsuyu might not be 1-A’s strongest student hero, but with no obvious weaknesses, she’s a pretty tough opponent. If there’s one subclass that suits him well, it would definitely be the Open Hand path.

2 Todoroki is a wizard with the Wild Magic subclass

With a Fire and Ice Quirk, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what type of D&D class Todoroki would be. His personality suits multiple classes, but when it comes to the type of hero he’s trying to be, the wizard class definitely suits him the best.

He may not be a spellcaster, but a emitting Quirk like his is very similar to how magic works in D&D. Additionally, his Quirk can be incredibly chaotic, which is why the subclass’ wild magic suits him as well.

1 Ashido is a fighter with the subclass champion

As a hero with tons of dance experience, Ashido is incredibly fast and flexible. She is able to use her dexterity and intelligence to defeat her opponents, and she also uses her Quirk in incredibly unique ways.

Much like Uraraka, the D&D class that best suits him is the fighter class with the champion subclass. She’s ready to do anything to save people and she’s not afraid to fight dirty when she needs to, which is why she’ll make a great heroine.

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