Which Dungeons & Dragons Class You Should Play

There are more people playing ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ than ever before, thanks to its spotlight through media like ‘Critical Role’. and “Stranger Things,” as well as nerd culture becoming more and more normal in the mainstream. Getting into the hobby can be daunting, however, as it requires a thorough reading of races, classes, and archetypes, as well as understanding the modifiers and points that come with them. To make it easier for you, we’ll break down the D&D classes to help you figure out what you should play as:


If you’re someone who LOVES creating stories for characters, Wizard is for you. Sorcerers are magicians who gained their powers through a deal with a higher power, allowing the creatives among us to have a great time crafting a backstory for their characters.


If you’re new to D&D and don’t want to fully commit to it, the fighter is your best bet. Skilled in the martial arts and able to use just about any weapon without having to learn magic, fighters are perfect for those who want to build their character easily or aren’t sure if they really want to commit. in a campaign, even though they absolutely should.


Barbarians are for those who want to play as a fighter but don’t want to use strategy. If you just want to run around and hit things in encounters, the Barbarian is for you. Primitive yet inhumanly strong, Barbarians can fly into a rage that levels everything around them, making it ideal for someone who’s just there to have a good time.


If you enjoy hiking or are an avid watcher of BBC nature documentaries, the Druid is a great option. Unlike other magic users who draw upon superior powers, inherited traits, or years of knowledge, druids draw upon the power of the natural world, making them an ideal class for nature lovers. .


Bards are, stereotypically, for extroverts, theater kids, and all-around showmen. Using the power of music and the arts as magic, bards are one of the few classes that can play as both support and attack, which is great for those who want to show off their skills or just have fun.


An assistant is the best option for someone who values ​​strategy and intelligence above all else in a campaign. Gaining his power through years of study and scholarship, the Wizard is for those who have always loved old mentor-style characters in media.


Paladins are similar to Sorcerers in that they are both tied to a higher power and receive their abilities from that deity, but the main difference is that Paladins are more likely to play support than attack. So if you like the idea of ​​writing detailed stories for the characters but don’t like the idea of ​​being front-line heavy, Paladin is for you.


Wizards are best for those who don’t want to write detailed stories, but still want to use magic. Drawing their power from their lineage or some incident in their past, a wizard uses their magic to play offensively in encounters.


Maybe you want to play as a paladin but want to take on a bit more of an attacking role. That’s what the cleric is for. Imbued with the power of a deity they revere, they use it to play both attack and battlefield support in encounters, making it ideal for those who don’t like to be too much. relegated only to one or the other.


Rangers are for people who are torn between being a druid and a fighter. Designed to protect the frontiers of civilization from threats, their advanced combat skills combined with their ability to use nature magic at later levels makes them incredible for those torn between the two classes.


If writing scary stories is your thing, The Thief is perfect for you. Rogues and scoundrels who use their stealth and manipulation tactics to navigate encounters and advance through the game, they’re a great class for the edgelord in all of us.


If you grew up watching karate movies and wondering when you’d be able to do it, or if you’ve been drawn to Master Oogway for kung fu panda, it’s your time. Playing as a monk allows you to combine combat skills and magic through the study of ki, an energy found in and around everything in the D&D universe.


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Kristen T. Prall