‘Wondergirl’ on MMA training with Jeremy Miado, Denice Zamboanga at Marrok Force

Nat ‘Wondergirl’ Jaroonsak couldn’t have asked for better sparring partners to help him out ahead of his mixed martial arts debut.

“Wondergirl” trained at Marrok Force in Bangkok ahead of her MMA match against Zeba Bano. The fight will take place on May 20 as part of ONE 157, which is set to be broadcast live from the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

A natural muay thai artist, Nat Jaroonsak will complete her transition to MMA in her next fight and she has the help of top ONE championship contenders. He trained with No. 3 atomweight Denice Zamboanga and former No. 5-ranked strawweight contender Jeremy Miado.

In an interview with Dylan Bowker for ONE Championship, Nat Jaroonsak said she was in a kind of “iron sharpens iron” situation. She also expressed her excitement about making her MMA debut.

“I worked with Jeremy Miado and before I also worked with Denice, but she has been back in the Philippines for a while. I worked with one of the great ONE Championship fighters and at the same time Jeremy fights in my division, but for the guys, so that would help a lot.

Jaroonsak achieved regional success in her home country, becoming a two-time Thai National Muay Thai Champion. She also has two ONE Championship wins, both knockouts.

Bano, however, will be a tough task for the Thai striker. The Indian brawler holds an unbeaten 6-0 record and is on a four-fight first-round knockout streak.

‘Wondergirl’ Integrates Her Muay Thai Base Into MMA

Although she is transitioning to a whole new sport, “Wondergirl” said she will always use Muay Thai as one of her style inspirations in her MMA fight.

The natural striker plans to use superb footwork to help him better master the multi-faceted discipline of MMA.

“I’m working on it, trying to adjust my style to make my Muay Thai [base] work best in MMA. I try to do a lot of footwork and speed ladder [drills]. I try to adapt my style to MMA because the style of Muay Thai is [you have to] stand up straight and it’s not on the lower level. [I have to] adjusting my level for a takedown defense, so I worked on that a lot.

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